Boost team is happy to announce that BoostCoin (BOST) is listed on Crex24 exchange.

( https://crex24.com/exchange/BOST-BTC )

You can sign up and start trading right now. ( https://crex24.com/register )

Crex24 is a new exchange, supports 7 languages including English, Turkish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese and Viatnamese. It’s not yet listed on CoinMarketCap but they will get listed soon.

Stay tuned for updates…

What is BOOST ?

Boost is not a token or an asset; it is an independent platform with its active network and block chain. The Boost block chain, launched in 2014, is a chain that has been activated for the last 4 years. It is a safe and fast infrastructure that runs both as POW and POS and has an x13 algorithm.

Boost can also run over the tor network. Thus, transaction security is at the highest level. Although VPN access is required to access to Tor network in countries where DNS is manipulated, Boost wallet does not depend on Tor network to run. In other words, you do not need a constant VPN connection to keep your Boost wallet open.

Thanks to the POS structure, you get a stake from the POS block prize according to the amount of boost you have in your wallet and your network weight calculated by the duration you keep the wallet open.




Boost is independent.
Boost is an independent infrastructure that runs with its block chain.

Boost is safe.
Boost is used by an elite community and ensures privacy thanks to tor network.

Boost is fast.
Boost network is active, dynamic, thrilling and thus, fast due to active nodes, data miners and active walls performing POS mining.

Boost is sharing.
It distributes block prize to wall holders and miners who contribute to the existence of network.

Boost has a project team that has adopted transparent management style.
Boost project team is open to any idea, criticism and proposal from the community for improvement. The project team has adopted a transparent management style that is in constant contact with community members and investors who share the same excitement.

Boost is an investment tool that invests in facts, not in fantasies.
Serving as a project team, we do not find it right to raise funds and finance our projects through ICO. As Boost community/ investors, we aim to create value by achieving our projects with our own equity and deposits.

Boost grows along with its investors who make up its community.
Investors who want to buy Boost can buy Boost from authorized stock exchanges, from completely transparent free market environment. The number of wallets that invest in Boost from stock exchange and keep wallets open and thus, support Boost network is growing exponentially day by day.We are taking confident steps on our roadmap, driven by the strength of our supporters who set their hearts on the Boost projects because of these reasons and other reasons that we are too lazy to list.

Which Wallet?

Hello to all,
In this post, we will introduce and give some brief information to you about core wallet, where you can store your Boost coins confidently.

Official Core Wallet (Full Node)

Full node is a wallet covering all records starting from the first block of the Boost block chain. The more Full nodes a block chain network has, the less centralized it becomes (Decentralized). The high number of full nodes gives confidence in the future of the network, allowing synchronizations to be completed faster. In addition, since a Full node contains all the records, it does not have to receive information from other nodes to control the operations performed; it handles its own business and thus, offers extra security.

Master nodes are available in the Boost networks that are hosted by data centers located in different continental shelves. These nodes are financed and operated by the project team. In addition, hundreds of community members use the Core Wallet to keep their wallets opens as much as possible, making a contribution to the network and thus, receiving a stake from the block prize.

Core wallet is not convenient and useful for users who just want to store their coins and are not interested in contributing to the Boost block chain. The first synchronization after installation will take about 6-12 hours depending on your connection speed and approximately 1.2 GB on your hard drive. Your computer should be on open and connected to internet until this synchronization is completed. Transfer and purchase transactions before this process is completed will not appear in the wallet.

Is there any possible way to speed up synchronization?

If you download blkdata-Block-1019015.zip from our wallet download site instead of downloading 1.2GB data from Boost network and open it on your computer, your wallet will start chain synchronization with Boost network from December 2017, instead of 2014 and it will come to the present day much sooner.

The official Core wallet can be obtained from the github releases link ready for Windows and Mac OS or from the wallet download address.


your chats are encrypted
with crypto technology.
always remain safe.


when chatting can request boost.
or send it. you are a chat
application. at the same
time your wallet.


doctors, lawyers, insurers
can meet with many professors
and ask them questions on boost.
Groups for service chats.





Born in 1981, he is a graduate of Selçuk University Department of Journalism.Onur Gözüpek, who has been working in small and medium sized internet projects for about 20 years, has worked in web site design, software development and online marketing. After many years trying to make the Turkish tourism sector sustain in the digital market, in 2017, he gave up his routine sense of labor and started to make only digital money investments and consultancy. He produces various projects and provides trainings in order to increase awareness of digital currencies and spread the use of digital moneyin Turkey.



Graduated from Public Administration and Photography.
Business man, entrepreneur trader and startup manager.



MurathanBostancı, born in 1975 in Gaziantep, graduated from Gaziantep High School in 1992. Until 1993, he was a student at Ankara University Science Faculty Astronomy and Space Sciences department and worked as a System Manager at IT Department of Ankara University until 1997. He became a founding partner in interaktif Hosting in 2006 and arama Hosting in 2007. In 2008, he founded Money Information Technologies with his expert colleagues by gathering all the partnerships in the frame of Para Bilgi Teknolojileri (Para Information Technologies). He is still working as a founding partner in Para Bilgi Teknolojileri.

Yılmaz SATTI


Yılmaz SATTI has specialized only in the field of UX/UI for 14 years. The project, which succeeded to reach 2.5 million subscribers, was transferred to Turkcell and so he ended its project.. He is the Co- Founder of SocialFamo.us It now has access to 230,000,000 people and has added 450 phenomena and more than 49 over -the- line agencies.

Mustafa PERÇİN


Born in Tekirdağ on 1984.He completed his master’s degree in finance at Bahçeşehir University.Trading manager at Louis Dreyfus Company. He is currently advising on crypto currency.

Kadir MON


Born in 1984. Graduated Business Administration. Kadir has MSc in Industrial Relationship and Human Resources. He took education about crypto money. Currently doing Human Resources Management. Kadir has worked field of IT and e-commerce. Kadir working as a crypto money project consultant.

Ali Haydar SELVİ


He got interested in technology in 1995. Until 2005, he developed himself on hardware and electronics and then moved to the field of internet services. In the recent past, he got his training in crypto currency. Today, besides crypto currency mining, he also offers money counseling services.



Kadir was born in 1991. He graduated Computer Engineering in 2017.
Kadir established the first company in high school years. In 2011 Kadir has established a tourism company. In 2016 Kadir has established STWOK Technology. Kadir still manages that two company. After that works he focused crypto money. He took education about crypto money and he started work as a crypto money consultant



Between 1999-2001, he worked as a credit card sales executive. From 2001 to 2002, he has been a credit card sales executive at EgeBank. Right now, he manages his own company. He completed his education on crypto money and he is currently advises investors.

Korhan ORHAN


Experienced Project Design Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods and automotive industry. Skilled in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Project Management, Additive Manufacturing (AM) Potential Analysis for existing and new products.



She is a graduate of AfyonKocatepe University Department of Public Administration. t. Since 2010, he has been serving his clients in Forex, futures contracts, derivative transactions including real estate and land investment. He has completed training on crypto money projects and also provides crypto money market consultancy services to investors.

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